Thursday 11 October 2012

Coining terms For Current day Egypt

In an effort to ease communication in the wild world of Egyptian politics today, I've decided to coin a few terms:

Nouveau-Feloul Noun

Pronunciationnoo-voh Fe-lool

Definition: Someone who upon seeing the state of post-revolution Egypt decided that the Mubarak regime was much better, blames the revolution for all the ills of society, while having no previous or current personal gain (Financial or otherwise) from the Mubarak/SCAF Regime.

Notes: A Nouveau-Feloul is usually someone was was formerly of the "Kanaba Party", Disappointed Secular minded individuals (Regardless of opinion on the revolution) , Islamophobes , or Contrarians. Their conversion into Nouveau-Feloul is usually due to feeling threatened  (Legitimately or otherwise) by Islamists being in power.

Faux-nadel Noun



  1. Someone who pretends to be a Revolutionary or Activist, usually on social media, for personal gain or fame while doing no actual work.
  2. Someone who pretends to be a Revolutionary or Activist, usually on social media, while being completely or partially against the cause they claim to fight for. 

Notes: A Faux-nadel can be someone cashing in on the revolution in hopes of gaining some kind of financial or material gain, but is usually someone who is playing the role of a double agent intending to discredit or destroy the cause they claim to represent.

Quasi-wan Noun

Pronunciation:  kwah-see-wan


  1. Someone who pretends to have been pro-Muslim Brotherhood for years for the sole reason that they are now in power, usually claim to have been forced to hide his/her former allegiance out of fear.
  2. Someone that supports the Muslim Brotherhood due to ignorance and/or fear of Secularism & Liberalism.   

Notes: A Quasi-wan is usually someone that will side with whoever is in power, but can also be someone that fears Secularism & Liberalism and sees the Muslim Brotherhood as the only force that can prevent both from spreading in Egypt.

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