Saturday 27 July 2013

MB & Islamists: We support Brutality Until it's used against us.

"From (the) revolution with love." photo by Abdallah Adel (Jan 2013)
A lot of people (especially non-Egyptians) are wondering : Why are people who stood against the Military and the Police forces, and decried their brutality previously, not doing the same now that the Pro-Morsi protesters are facing off against them?  The main reason? Because while they were in power, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists Condoned AND Supported brutality by the army & police against those same people.

Perhaps these videos/articles/screen shots can shine some light, and keep in mind this is just a sample.

(Note: I'm not going to translate every one of these, Nor am I going to caption them all, I will also add more videos/images/articles as I find them. Special thanks to @Hany2m, The Human Google,  for helping me find a lot of these.)

Disclaimer before you read further: I am not condoning violence against them. Unlike them, I will not support brutality by state security forces. The point of this post is NOT to gloat. The entire point of this post is to point out one of the reasons why a lot of people are not sympathetic with their current plight, and why the MB hypocrisy in invoking events like Mohammed Mahmoud, Maspero, Abasseyia...etc to prove army brutality, is in fact infuriating to revolutionaries, as those are the same events in which the MB & Islamists condoned brutality by security forces, with no support to (and condemnation of) revolutionaries on their end.

Don't Shoot the Messenger.

Morsi: Blocking roads is a crime that we cannot be lenient with. 

Morsi : There is no problem with sacrificing some (people) for the sake of the rest

MB's ElKatatny: The Minister of Interior informed me that they didn't use buckshot. (Rest of Islamist MP's are outraged at former MP Abou Hamed presents shotgun shells, accusing him of lying )

Morsi: Praises Police and Army for preserving security and institutions. Says he ordered Police forces to respond with Firmness & strength to any "threats" including "rock throwers" .

Salafi MP (after clashes with security forces): says Tahrir protesters are given 2 meals, 200 L.E and given a strip of "Tramadol" (An over the counter drug that can be abused) , Then says 'We need to stand by the MOI not against them, We're trying to Try the Minister of Interior for the sake of some Thugs"

Safwat Hegazy: I'm against bring down SCAF, and I see no difference between the Army itself and SCAF, And I completely trust that the SCAF will hand over power to a civilian government. 

Safwat Hegazy: I admit there's a deal between us and SCAF and I see no problem with it. There's no problem in there being a deal that if they hand over power, we're not going to look into their corruption. 

MB's ELKatatny Thanking SCAF for "protecting the revolution, and managing the country wisely"

Khaled Abdallah making fun of anyone decrying military brutality. Notably the Blue-Bra incident. 

Khaled Abdallah attacking fellow Islamist Hazem Abo Ismail for statements Abou-Ismail made against SCAF 

Safwat Hegazy walking out of show in protest of Egyptian television post-revolution banning Hazem Abou Ismail from appearing on Screen. Safwat Hegazy said absolutely nothing when the MB minister that took over the Ministry of Information did the same exact thing with those opposing the MB

Essam Sultan claiming that groups using stolen police weapons to fire on protesters and falsely implicate the police forces. 

"اللجنة الثلاثية" بالشورى تعدل مشروع "قانون التظاهر" وتسمح لوزير الداخلية بإلغاء المظاهرة (Islamist & MB dominated Shura Council modifies protests law allowing Minister of Interior to "cancel' and/or Shut down protests) 

Some Screen Shots:
Morsi Praising the Police.

A twitter user asks Morsi why he doesn't reform the ministry of interior that is making him look bad.  His response was give it your trust and you will see good things god willingly.

Prominent MB Mohamed ElBeltagi asking Ministers of Interior and defense to strongly and firmly deal with those that block roads, burn buildings ...etc , says they should activate the emergency law if that is what is needed.

"Following tweets are from prominent Brotherhood youths" 

Friday 5 July 2013

Who the hell is Adly Mansour?

           Disclaimer: This is intended as Humor.

Adly Mansour, The Interim president of Egypt

When it was announced that Adly Mansour was to become our new interim president, The question on everyone's mind was "Who the flying f**k is Adly Mansour?", mainly because well.... no one knew who the hell he was. Well luckily, Wikipedia came to the rescue...

Here are some of the earlier iterations of Adly Mansour's wikipedia page:

The Original Stub
Absolute Boss
He wasn't even sworn in when this was posted
Apparently he's a homosexual absolute boss
The Homosexual Healer Paladin of Egypt
The Healer Paladin of Egypt... Without the Homosexual part
We now know who Batman really is.
He's also Ironman... Talk about multi-tasking. 
The Snake of the Nile
The Snake of the Nile is A Brony (A Brony is a Bro that likes "My Little Pony")