Friday 5 July 2013

Who the hell is Adly Mansour?

           Disclaimer: This is intended as Humor.

Adly Mansour, The Interim president of Egypt

When it was announced that Adly Mansour was to become our new interim president, The question on everyone's mind was "Who the flying f**k is Adly Mansour?", mainly because well.... no one knew who the hell he was. Well luckily, Wikipedia came to the rescue...

Here are some of the earlier iterations of Adly Mansour's wikipedia page:

The Original Stub
Absolute Boss
He wasn't even sworn in when this was posted
Apparently he's a homosexual absolute boss
The Homosexual Healer Paladin of Egypt
The Healer Paladin of Egypt... Without the Homosexual part
We now know who Batman really is.
He's also Ironman... Talk about multi-tasking. 
The Snake of the Nile
The Snake of the Nile is A Brony (A Brony is a Bro that likes "My Little Pony")

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