Monday 21 November 2011

Nov 19 - Nov 21 : Compilation of Brutality

Images and videos of Police brutality in Egypt against protesters in Tahrir and Elsewhere.

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WARNING: Some of this is very graphic. View at your own risk.

Policeman: "Good job sir, it hit him in the Eye" 

Video made in response to Government claims that the police were restrained and did not use firearms. 

Murder of Bahaa Senousi, co-founder of the "Revolutionary Youth Coalition" and the "Egyptian Current Party"

Several scenes of brutality against protesters in Tahrir via AlmasryAlyoum

More scenes of brutality via Aljazeer Mubasher (Including clip of Dead/Injured man being dragged to trash)

Video shot from Side of Police: Shows officers firing, calls to fire the Gas "In front"

Tahrir: After the Attack. (Cop Drags away body of Dead/Injured? Protester to the trash. 

Bullet removed by Doctor in Field Hospital from one of the protesters Via Rassd

Images that were claimed to be fake, but have been verified of dead protesters in Tahrir.

Ahmed Lost one eye on the 28th of January 2011, and the second on the 19th of November 2011, both to police fire.

 A doctor in tears after he failed to save one of the injured via@ArwaGaballa

Expired Canister of Gas used on protesters , Possibly the reported CS Gas. 

Dead protester, Cause of Death appears to be a gunshot to the neck.

Protester Injured by a shotgun blast via

A Traffic light: The Result of the amount of shooting by the Police. 

Field hospital doctors trying to save the man's life, He dies.

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Mohamed Abdel Fattah died of gunshot wounds in #tahrir massacre #nov20 Zeinhom Morgue via @Fazerofzanight

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