Wednesday 23 November 2011

Mohamed Mahmoud Clashes In Media

War Booty: The Mohamed Mahmoud Sign via @HaniShukrallah
Once more I'll update it more when I can and when I get more material.

Will update post when I can. No commentary for now. Please link all videos and pictures in Comments or tweet me at

Keep in mind clashes are still ongoing.

The walk up to the Mohamed Mahmoud St. Front Lines Via @RamyYaacoub

Attempt to create a ceasefire between protesters and CSF on Wednesday

Mohammed Mahmoud St. after fighting calmed down on Wednesday

Truce Established between Protesters and CSF in Mohamed Mahmoud st on Wednesday

Video of Clashes in Mohammed Mahmoud st.

Some of the Injured from Mohamed Mahmoud

More videos of injured from Mohamed Mahmoud

Clash in Mohamed Mahmoud

Protest during one of the Many cease fires in Mohammed Mahmoud

Another Clash in Mohamed Mahmoud

Mohamed Mahmoud

Treatment of one of the injured protesters from Mohamed Mahmoud

Picture showing location of MOI and where clashes are taking place (Posted to counter sensationalist media ) MOI is the Red circle, Almost all the heavy fighting at the Green X

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