Thursday 28 November 2013

Egypt in a Nutshell.

Egypt in a nutshell:

A Quick and Simple guide to Egypt.
  1. Army allies with MB to overthrow the king.
  2. Army Betrays the MB, takes power for itself.
  3. MB attempts to betray the Army, Allies with the British.
  4. Army Imprisons and persecutes MB for decades, Allies with Leftists.
  5. After he takes power, Sadat allies with Islamists to defeat leftists.
  6. Islamists betray Sadat and assassinate him.
  7. Army allies with NDP (Although one could say the NDP was the offspring, but whatever) for decades.
  8. Revolution breaks out in January 2011; Revolutionaries ally with MB to overthrow regime, Salafis ally with Regime, Army Betrays NDP and tosses them to the "wolves", Army then Allies with MB.
  9. MB and Salafis ally to win Parliament. Non-Islamists pretty much betray one another (not to mention infighting)
  10. MB allies with Revolutionaries and Salafis to gain power during presidential elections, betrays Army (somewhat) and removes top two army brass.
  11. Morsi gains power, MB betray Revolutionaries , ally with Army and Former NDP in addition to Salafis.
  12. Morsi overextends his power, Army betrays the MB, Army Allies with revolutionaries, former NDP and Kanaba Party to overthrow MB. Salafis betray the MB and ally with the anti-Morsi block.
  13. MB start begging (and insulting, and threatening) their former allies the revolutionaries to join them, the same allies they've already betrayed at least twice, to join them and fight the Military and Former NDP. Revolutionaries for the most part, ignore them, Which a lot of MB consider a betrayal (The hypocrisy from the MB is staggering)
  14. Army Betrays Salafis in constitution writing process.
  15. Army keeps alliance with Former NDP, betrays Revolutionaries in both the constitution writing process AND on the streets. 

Remember when I said our revolution has similarities to the Lebanese civil war, in which "During the course of the fighting, alliances shifted rapidly and unpredictably: by the end of the war, nearly every party had allied with and subsequently betrayed every other party at least once" , and people called me an idiot?

Well you can Kindly go fuck yourselves.

Note: By Salafis in this context i mean "Political Salafis" i.e the Nour party and the offshoots like ElGama'a. I'm not talking about non-political salafis that have joined Rabaa, or stayed away from politics altogether. Unlike the MB , Political Salafis and Salafis can be (and sometimes are) two different groups.

............ Fucking shitstorm getting me back into politics after i swore it off.... gah.

Disclaimer: Yes I do recognize that there's a HUGE difference between the Lebanese Civil War and Egypt post-Jan25. But there IS a similarity in the betrayals.

Edit: Someone Commented that this is oversimplified. Well No shit Sherlock, it's "Egypt in a Nutshell" not "Egypt in a dissertation", You wanna write something more complex and in depth, perhaps correcting my mistakes (if any), then by all means go do so. 

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  1. I used to think it was because I'm not Egyptian that it all seemed so insane. Normally intelligent friends spewing vile comments about fellow citizens, wishing death upon them, and supporting the arrests of people who are trying to show the truth behind the hypocracy. Then I read your post. :(