Friday 11 March 2011


"Vincent: You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back." ~Gattaca 

I persevere, sometimes only because the alternative is worse. Sometimes especially because the alternative is worse.

Even when every conceivable aspect is against me, I persevere.

I persevere so often, it seems perseverance has become who I am, has become my Identity. I hate that, but I have no other choice sometimes.

I cannot decide if my stamina is a blessing or a curse. Sometimes I wish that with all the odds against me, I could just finally lay down and let it overcome me, let it end me. But I can't. I have never been able to. So I keep going. I persevere.

I'm reminded of this quote: "For the genetically superior, success is easier to attain, but it's by no means guaranteed. After all, there is no gene for fate." Spoken by Vincent Freeman in Gattaca (1997)

So I persevere, Knowing and hoping that one day it will all pay off. And if it doesn't? I'll Persevere.

This isn't an attempt to be Emo (God Knows how much I hate them), This isn't the point at all. I wrote this so I can remind myself whenever i'm down. That I always have, and always will, fight, no matter what the odds.

I'll Persevere. 

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