Thursday 10 March 2011

Enough Misinformation Part 1: Carrefour Looting Video.

The following is part of a note I initially wrote on Facebook on Feb 20th 2011 called "Enough Misinformation, Use your Minds and Think!", that I wrote because I was tired of people spreading bullshit. I've decided to split it up and post it here, the following intro was the intro for the note.
Ok, im really getting sick and tired of people spreading around rumors, without actually doing any research, so here, let's go.

(Note: Before you think of telling me "You're full of shit" I actually did research. Unlike 99% of the people out there. So even if i might be wrong, I at least bothered to do some research, and if you can prove that i'm wrong, I will gladly add your proof and admit my mistake)

(Feel free to copy, share do whatever you like with this note, Just credit me please)
About the "Carrefour being looted during revolution video" being spread around :

More misinformed propaganda:

This Video is NOT of the theft, this Video is from one of the retarded sales carrefour has, and was posted LAST YEAR

Be logical, if they were looting and stealing, do you really think they'd leave a guy with a video camera standing there without stealing his camera?

not to mention, has NO ONE noticed that they're only taking CERTAIN items?

I'll find the video posted last year and link it asap if you don't believe me.

I can't find that one yet, but here are a few similar ones. and btw, that offer was "Shekaret el Roz be 3ashreen Geneeh" (a Satchel of rice for 20 L.E, around 4$)

Other similar offer videos (note the days posted)

And no, i'm not at all denying that it WAS looted, but the point is, these videos are NOT of the looting.

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