Wednesday 23 March 2011

My take on the Libya situation.


I randomly went to the white house today with some friends to do the whole sight seeing thing, it was honestly my first time to actually go there. We were surprised to find a protest of Americans called "Code Pink" that are "anti-war in Libya".

We were even more surprised when we found what seemed like a scripted pro-Qaddafi protest group of around 10-15, crashing the Code Pink anti-war protest , What shocked me more were some of the chants by the pro-Qaddafi Supporters "We are all Qaddafi", "No to Libya being another Iraq", "Mr.Obama stop the bloodshed".

Now to anyone with half a brain, I'm pretty damn sure Qaddafi is the one behind the bloodshed since he started killing the protesters on February 21st 2011, While "Operation: Odyssey Dawn" (Codename for the operation against Qaddafi) only started on march 19th 2011. So why aren't they demanding from Qaddafi to stop the bloodshed instead? Or do they just care about Qaddafi's Libya and not give two shits about those fighting for their rights? Yes I'm aware some of those are probably Libyan Students afraid of losing their scholarships , But with others losing their lives, are scholarships really that important? Especially that others aren't afraid to lose their scholarships that are their sole form of income?

Frankly, it just leads me to believe, that those pro-Qaddafi protesters were too illogical to even protest logically. 10-15 idiots vs a Free Libya. Ironically, they disrupted a peaceful american led CodePink protest against the war, a protest that could've actually helped their cause. Code Pink were having a press conference: one of them was talking about how she's going to stand trial "for helping to free the Libyan embassy from Qaddafi goons" Thanks to the pro-Qaddafi protest having a megaphone, the Code pink press conference lasted for all of about 3 minutes, after that, code pink just packed up and left. It remains to be seen why they just left, they could've left because they didn't want to be seen as pro-Qaddafi, but frankly, I don't know for sure.

Pro-Qaddafi Protest at the White House (the ones holding the signs, not the tourists)

Code Pink packing up and to leave after the Pro-Qaddafi protest arrived

Now as an Egyptian, I'd sure as hell prefer the anti-Qaddafi team as neighbors, than the pro-Qaddafi camp. Regardless of the real reasons the collation has for attacking Qaddafi. Especially after Qaddafi tried to Bomb a building in Tahrir Square (Mogama3 El Tahrir) in 1976. Which led to a short lived Egyptian-Libyan War.

Now from a mideast revolution standpoint, I do understand the fears of an invasion of libya "poisoning" the Arab revolutions, Since I'm sure at one point or another, The other dictators will use the the foreign invasion of Libya to intimidate and deter the revolutions in the rest of the Middle East (and indeed world wide). The Dictators will probably say something along the lines of "See? If you don't accept us leading you, eventually they'll invade us"

But, the result of leaving Qaddafi untouched, The outcome of him POSSIBLY winning, is MUCH MUCH worse for the rest of the Mideast Revolutions, I mentioned a while back on Twitter that each "Domino" (Brutal Middle Eastern Dictators) is getting a lot more aggressive towards the protesters, the last Domino to face the aspect of "falling" will probably attempt to perform a wide scale "cleansing" massacre to remove all opposition. Don't be surprised, it's already happened before, Even if i don't support the MB, this was a bit too much.

Each dictator facing an uprising is learning a new trick from the dictator to fall before him. Now ask yourself this, what would happen if Qaddafi succeeds & remains unpunished?

The result would be that Qaddafi gives a clear message to the other dictators: Be as brutal as possible, and you'll win. Which is a disaster. That result, would poison the Middle east revolutions (and revolutions worldwide) so much worse than foreign military intervention on behalf of pro-freedom revolutionaries would (Especially when they asked for it), I discussed all of this with @captainlarab a few days ago, and i think this article kind of states my mindset .

Long story short, Getting rid of Qaddafi even with Foreign Intervention is more important and greater than having Qaddafi surviving the uprising & staying in power, See the message he's already given Syria.

Remember, Each country revolting in the mid east, isn't just fighting for itself, but for every country worldwide that yearns to be free from a brutal dictator.

And as twitter user FranyaFranya mentioned in response to my discussions on this matter on twitter, here

"The sick irony is, how many times this rationale was misapplied to other countries... and now it's real, but nobody wants to believe"

The fact remains, Politics are not ethics or morals. I'm not under any illusion that the French-German-American led attack on Qaddafi are anything but Realpolitiks, but the fact remains, I'll take the Realpolitik action when it coincides with ethics and morality rather than attack it based on idealistic principle. You want to attack & Criticize those countries for something? Attack them for not helping the freedom seekers in Bahrain, Attack them for not pressuring the Yemeni President to stop using violence, Attack them for not pressuring the Syrian Regime to stop using violence against protesters, Attack them for not Stopping the House of Saud from using force to stop protests after arresting people that tried to peacefully ask for change without a protest in it's own country, or for using it's military to put a stop to the protests in Bahrain.

But for the love of logic, don't attack them for helping the Libyan pro-freedom fighters (Please don't call them "Rebels"), especially when the action has widespread support in the free Libya and the Arab world, If not wide spread support by the Arab League, but then again, most of the Arab league members are a bunch of countries who still have brutal dictators in power, the current most powerful being Saudi Arabia, so do we really care about the Arab League? Isn't it about time to start listening to the people instead of their brutal dictators?

Or have we learned nothing yet?


  1. I agree man at first i saw Aljazeera criticizing UN for doing nothing and now criticizes them for doing something. The foreign intervention could be used by Arab dictatorship to justify their brutal reign. I totally believe that this is the problem of the Arab world i think it would be preferable and more justifiable if such intervention was led not by foreign countries but through neighboring Arab countries like Egypt and Tunisia supported by the UN. However, sadly this was not the situation as the armies of both countries are overwhelmed by their own problems right now .

  2. As usual we're in perfect agreement. If, heaven forbid, Qadaffi beats the people of Benghazi, Egypt is going to suffer for no other reason than that our uprising was successful.

  3. I agree with you. But what most of the people miss is that most of those dicataters came to power not by the people's will. Gadaffi came to power by a coup and the others came by other illegal non-constitutional means. The other problem with them is the tribe system. Due to these factors the army there doesn't or can not perform it's initial role which is to protect it's country, the army's loyalty should and must be to the people and not the system or the dictator.

  4. Hello:

    What would be the best solution for Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia and all Arab nations?
    The best solution is to listen to the Will of the people: they want freedom, justice and prosperity for all!...
    We need to admit: the Arab people are very intelligent, and they are not afraid to take a stand. There is an inside clock that is ticking, and the Arab people are listening...
    They know that we are at the doorstep of something big, very big... In the Quran, The Table 54, Muhammad indicates that, someday Muslims, Jewish and Christians will come together.... And the Arab's inside clock is telling them that TODAY is that "some DAY"....
    And when will we come together?
    When the Jewish people accept Jesus as their Messiah and King, and when the Christian Community is able to explain logically the Trinity of God.
    Yes, the Jewish people killed Jesus because he said he was the Son of God. And Muhammad was not able to accept this same reality.
    The Christian Community accepted this reality by faith. And that is where we are today.
    But, when the explanation comes, they will find Peace, true Peace.
    It does not pay to seek revenge....
    Revenge generates more revenge.... And the loop of miseery would never end!
    No!... Forgiveness.... Love your enemy.... Do good to those who mistreat you....
    Who is able to do that?
    Ladies and Gentlemen, those who are able to do that will enter the Kindgdom of God!
    The fact is that the Jewish people are tires of wars, and they are seeking peace. And in the search for Peace, they are finding the sweetness of Jesus....
    And what did Muhammad say?
    In the Quran, The Table, 72, Muhammad said:
    People of the Book, you do not stand on anything until you perform the Torah and the Gospel.
    What a Jenious!
    But, as this statement is true for the Jewish People, it is true for all nations....
    We do not stand on anything, until we all perform the Torah and the Gospel....

    All Dictators, including Mr. Mubarak of Egypt... can become part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem...
    They can become baptized in the name of Jesus, along with the insurgents.... and demonstrate that they are fully aware of today's new guidelines... No bloodshed, no killings.... Just getting together and establish a New Dawn for their country. We have so much to learn from them.