Sunday 20 March 2011

Referendum Fraud?

After various reports of fraud yesterday during the referendum process in Egypt, I still think that something fishy is still going on today.

Now I'm going to make this a short post, but I just want to point something out.

So according to the Ahram online, initial results showed that 2/3's of the Eligible voters in Alexandria voted for No at 65% and said there was one district remaining accounting for 1/3 of Eligible voters.

for simplicity we will assume that 66% (instead of 65%) of 2/3'rd of the voters in Alexandria voted No.

Now using normal math we deduce that :

2/3 of 100% = 66%
2/3 of 66% voted No = 44% of the Total said No, 22% of the total said Yes.

Now if we assume that the ENTIRE remaining 34% said Yes.

That would mean that out of the total 100% of voters in Alexandria :
56% for Yes and 44% for No give or take 1-3% on account of calculations.

Now even with population/voter differences, does this explain the official numbers of  497,607  (32.8%) for No, and 1,015,945 (77.2%) for Yes? Maybe. Maybe not.

So Yeah, Either Ahram newspapers is lying, or something fishy is going on. Judge for yourself.

And in case "someone" attempts to pull those sites down, here are screenshots

Ahram Online Screengrab

Referendum website Screengrab (numbers match official numbers)

Update: 18,000,00 votes Divided by 40,000 (reported to be 54,000) polling stations = 450 votes per polling station (probably less). Logical numbers?

Now Decide for yourself.

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