Friday 4 March 2011

Shafiq, Aswani and the Egyptian Reaction

I am not a Shafiq supporter, and never will be.

I don't need to mention why Shafiq was criticized, the reasons are quite obvious, and if they're not obvious to you, I'm sorry I cannot bother to explain anymore. I do not agree with anyone saying he's a good man because of Egypt Air, or because of the Airport. That is quite frankly, hot air, and if you cannot do the research to realize why, Again, I’m not going to bother. The simplest lie to disprove is the lie that Shafiq didn't deal with Mubarak until later. I guess a wedding doesn't count as "meeting". There are so many VALID reasons to criticize Shafiq; I don't really need to explain if you bother to do about 10 minutes worth of research.

However, there are a few points where I believe Shafiq was unfairly judged. So without further ado, here they are:

Keep in mind, like I said, I’m not a supporter of Shafiq,I do not believe he could lead the country at this delicate time, regardless of who assigned him, however I do believe he appears to be a respectable man (And yet con-men appear to be respectable as well), he was just, overwhelmed, Incompetent and quite frankly completely out of his league. Keep in mind as a government employee he was NOT allowed to say anything bad against Mubarak while Mubarak was still in power, that I cannot hold against him. I also cannot hold against him that he might've stayed in the post because he believed (incorrectly) in change from within the system.

Also keep in mind, that we must learn to hold onto valid criticisms and let go of silly criticisms because they weaken our position when debating or arguing. Surely someone that realizes the fallacy of some of the silly criticisms is less likely to listen to your valid ones.

As for the Hyde Park "Bonbony" situation, I see that it's an overdone issue that he shouldn't really be criticized for, when he suggested turning Tahrir into a version of Hyde park, he was NOT just talking about doing nothing else but cleaning Tahrir up.. There is nothing wrong if he was doing several things at once, I mean, if he was doing everything else, or at least something else, and suggested the "Hyde Park" thing, then there's nothing wrong with that, remember, the guy was responsible for MULTIPLE ministries as the Prime Minister, so he can tell each minister to do something different, Right?

Also, are you that quick to forget that lots of people unrelated to the government, ALSO suggested turning Tahrir into something similar to Hyde Park? 

Ergo, while I can validly criticize Shafiq on multiple issues, however, I cannot criticize him on something that quite frankly, he had a good point about, because it IS a good suggestion.

It's not really hard to understand why some Egyptians choose to support Shafiq and attack Aswani, Egyptians are naturally emotional, Ahmed Shafiq is a respectable person, and he's quite fatherly, which appeals to the Egyptian emotional side, However I do not personal believe he's qualified. In fact I believe he was quite incompetent with no real plan, not to mention insisting on the old mindset of "I'm the elder".

The difference is, Aswani while brash and hot headed, (even though he wasn't disrespectful, watch the show again if you disagree), did not respect that Egyptian concept of "You must treat your elders and leaders with respect no matter what”, which is why people turned against him. And I don't really blame people who believe the "You must treat your elders and leaders with respect no matter what" Concept, I mean, how can you blame someone, when they've had the concept forced upon them since infancy? 

Had Aswani been of the same Age and rank as Shafiq, I doubt anyone would've really cared how Aswani talked.

Of course there are those that hate Aswani because he wrote about homosexuals and they're homophobic.
Or those that hate Aswani because he's dark of complexion, and even if they won't admit it they're racist.

There are multiple reasons why some people hate Aswani, and not all of them are because of how he talked. Some people are also ignorant of the fact that Aswani has been a political opposition member for years and not just a writer, so they assume he's trying to "ride the wave" 

Do not mistake this note as a note in defense or support of Shafiq, Shafiq in my opinion HAD to go. This is a note of clarification and understanding. This is a note of Fairness and Logic.

If I'm criticizing anyone, I'm criticizing the people that just dish out criticism regardless of how baseless or silly it is, on BOTH sides of the debate. 

I hope people understand.

Keep your criticisms valid, Fair and based in reality, or you cannot convince the person in front of you. Learn from your mistakes.

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